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When People Act, Governments Respond—six new videos spotlight the transformation taking place throughout Connecticut when residents of all ages participate in United Way of Connecticut’s City Scan and CivicRADAR programs.

Revitalizing Communities

Hartford, like many American cities, is experiencing a renewed interest in city living after years of losing residents to suburban sprawl. To revitalize the urban core and set priorities for redevelopment and sensible growth, community groups inventory conditions with City Scan’s help.

Video running time: 4.02

Getting Youth Involved

Bridgeport is struggling with an enormous blight problem, but an innovative program that converts idol adolescents from Girl Scout Troop #7 into community volunteers is turning that around. According to neighborhood groups, City Scan is getting fantastic results.

Video running time: 1.32

Bringing Neighborhoods Back to Life

By taking inventory of Stamford’s neglected South End neighborhood and sending pictures to the Mayor, Citizens Service Center, and City Department heads, residents found people paying attention. Working together, the city and community are getting things done.

Video running time: 2.55

Solving Community Problems

Norwalk’s problems typify urban centers today and are evidenced by a large number of abandoned vehicles, decrepit buildings, and overgrown lots. By merging photographs with simple data collected by citizen volunteers, City Scan acts as a bridge between community groups and the city and has fostered a cooperative relationship that is beneficial to all.

Video running time: 3.12

Students in Action

In the city of Norwalk, children from the Richard C. Briggs High School are learning that they have a stake in the future of their community. By documenting problems they see in their own neighborhoods and sharing what they find with city officials, they are being empowered and achieving results.

Video running time: 2.55

Residents Getting Results

With aging roads, sidewalks, and parks and the never ending challenges of trash and blight, the City of Hartford wants to respond to the needs of its citizens quickly and efficiently. A web-based system provides an easy line of communication, empowers residents, and streamlines the process of reporting issues and getting action.

Video running time: 3.52

City Scan / Civic Radar Videos produced by GreenTreks Network, Inc.